Female - 2 years old

Hello, I’m Deena! My foster mom tells me that my coloring reminds her of a cow. I am not sure what that means, but I am mostly white with a few brown spots on my body and nose! My fur is super soft and silky. I am very gentle and love being around people and familiar dogs. Sometimes I get nervous meeting new people and dogs and can be a little jumpy, but I am quick to trust people and will soon love them. I am still learning about everyday things, like going up stairs and walking on hardwood floors! The other day my mom made me jump when she opened a can of pop, but I found out it was okay when she let me smell it.

I have had a pretty rough life ever since I was a puppy and have lived in a lot of foster homes. I came from New Mexico but am really looking forward to finding my forever home here in Minnesota. I am ready to settle down and be a part of a family for good.

After just a few days I got used to my foster home schedule. I am very good about going to the bathroom around meals and right before bed. I will go to the door to let my foster parents know when I need to go, too. I like going in my kennel, but get a little anxious when my people leave. I know that I will get a peanut butter kong when they leave, so that makes it a lot easier! I am a huge cuddle-bug so I love sleeping with my foster parents and brother.

I love, love, love treats and will do anything to get one! I am working on “down” to stay off of counters that I am not supposed to be on. I just love all of the smells up there! I am also working on “lay.” I have mastered “sit” and will do it all the time for treats! I really like tennis balls, but don’t get what the big deal is about chasing them around like my foster brother. I like carrying my stuffed animals around and chewing on bones, though.

I haven’t been around a lot of littles yet, but kids might be a little unpredictable for me. I get a little nervous when I don’t expect touches or loud noises. I think I could get used to them, but it might take me some time. I have visited with a couple of cats and was fabulous with them! I feel a lot more comfortable when I have another doggo to live with. In New Mexico, my brother and I were inseparable. Now I love hanging out with my foster brother. He is also a pittie mix that is about 60 pounds – just my size! He makes it easier to learn about all the new things I am encountering.

I am the BEST cuddler and love to give lots of kisses. I like to play every once in a while, but mostly just like to watch what is happening in the world around me and hang out with my family. I am a quirky girl who makes my family laugh every day. It may take me a little bit to warm up to you but once I do, I am the most loyal pet and will love you forever!

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