Male - 1 years old
No Cats

Hello, my name is Pintos! My foster mom calls me a big, lovable lug. I have a really big head and a big heart to match it.  I have a beautiful, soft white coat with black spots. I love to play with squeaky balls, I play my version of soccer...then I destroy the ball when I’m tired of playing. I can bounce around and jump really high too! I was dumped at a shelter in New Mexico, so no one knows my real back story. I just arrived in Minnesota late Wednesday night and am still adjusting to my new foster home.

I am potty trained, although I have had a couple of accidents.  My life has changed so much in the last week, but I now understand that I only go potty outside. I do okay in the crate, but it is not my favorite place to be. I just spent two entire days in a crate driving up to MN, it’s going to take a little time to be comfortable in a crate for a long time. Right now I am sleeping in bed with my foster Dad. It is awesome! I am such a good snuggle buddy!

I am working on my general manners and how to play appropriately. I forget that I am not a little puppy and I want to play bite, but I’m learning that is not acceptable. I am working on stay, I am also working on walking on a leash. I really enjoy walks! I understand sit, off, leave-it, and no. Squeaky balls and nylabones are the best. I do not understand tug or fetch right now, but I’m ready to learn. I would love to bond with my new family by taking training classes. I am very motivated by treats, as I am always hungry!

I don’t think I would be great with little kids, but older kids would be awesome. I think I might just be too rambunctious for little kids and I don’t want to hurt anyone. No cat testing has been done, but I did live with a pig in New Mexico! Right now I am living with a 3-year-old male pitbull. He is jealous of me, but I really want to be his friend. We are taking introductions slowly and I am okay with that. I seem to read other dogs pretty well and will leave them alone when they do not want to play with me. I have been going on walks with the resident dog and we do fine, I love walking. I would really like to have a fun wrestling match, but I have to wait until he’s ready to play rough.

When my foster parents are busy working, I can just hang out and entertain myself. I don’t keep bugging them for attention. I know they will come cuddle when they are ready.

I am very patient for my age and will make a great addition to someone’s family. I will need training and supervision until I figure out what being a family pet is all about. When my foster parent’s first turned the TV on, I was amazed! I still like to stop and watch TV, which is pretty entertaining. I have not barked at dogs on TV, but they definitely get my attention!

My dream day would consist of a big breakfast, followed by a walk and playing with my new family. The day would end with lots of cuddles and treats! I would love a family that would include me in their daily activities and help me become the best boy I can be.

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