Male - 8 years old

Hi, my name is Schmitty, but mom calls me Mittie-Mittie-Mittie or Schmitz-zer.  My foster mom said it was time to write my bio, so here I sit with mom’s laptop tapping my paw on the keys.  Given this is my opportunity to shine, I need to make sure I’m putting my best paw forward.  (You know…  dating apps)

My history is not the best, you see my family left me and my sister at a hotel all alone and we were taken to a shelter.  Luckily Save-a-Bull stepped up, otherwise my fate was pretty much sealed there due to lack of interest in me due to my age.

Let me start by telling you about my best features!  As you can see, I’m a very handsome senior (roughly 8-10yrs) and my foster mom tells me I have the best brindle coat out there.  I’m athletic and enjoy staying fit with daily walks around the neighborhood and the occasional bunny run in the yard.  I’ve been told, if kicking up grass was an Olympic sport, I’m a sure in for taking the gold medal!

My dream home and family would understand that I’m an older guy who’s set in my ways and have simple pleasures that I enjoy daily.  I love a morning stroll around the neighborhood and having the freedom to hang out in my backyard.  I will not ask for many toys but I would enjoy a few Nylabones; bacon flavored is my current favorite.  Yum sticks are truly my current guilty pleasure that make my entire body wiggle!  I’d also really hope that my new family either has older kids or no kids because I have issues with my licker and the young kids create so much excitement that I tend to jump on them.

I currently have two foster brothers, but as we continue to adjust to sharing our space with each other, our time has been limited to seeing each other through the glass door.  Both mom and I think having a friend would be pretty cool, but I would be super chill if I could monopolize your time.

If you would like to see more of me, check me out on Instagram @ adoptschmitty.

I really hope we can make a “love connection” and you have the perfect couch for me to crash on while we enjoy my golden years. 

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