Female - 6 months old

Hello, I’m Ramona! I have the best ears – they stick out so much! I’m always alert and attentive to what you say. I gotta say my eyes are one of my best features as well – my foster mom says I have sweet and gentle eyes. I was found wandering around St. Paul during one of the coldest weeks this winter when animal control found me and gave me a warm spot for a few days. I was very skinny when I was found, and also very scared, so I was very happy when I had a warm blanket, good food and a safe place to stay.

I sound like a whale in my kennel when I get excited and know dinner is coming! I’m calm and super chill most of the time, but every once in a while I get some major zoomies in the house (they only last for like 30 seconds) and I get so excited, my legs start flailing around. One time I jumped all the way on the credenza by the door when I was in mid-zoomie, I scared myself! I had no idea how I got up there. Thank goodness my foster mom was right there to place me back safely on the ground.

I am almost potty trained – just a couple of accidents while I navigate a new type of home living. I sleep so well in my kennel at night, I don’t make a peep. I have my comfy blanket, with a stuffed toy. I do so well in my kennel for the most part and don’t tear things up at all. I do get a little worried when my foster family leaves the room – I just need some reassurance that I am ok and that they are coming back!

I am currently working on using the bells to let my foster mom know I have to go to the bathroom. I am also working on shake, down, wait, stay, and off. I have totally mastered sit (I’m so, so good at this) and come! I would do great with some training classes to have more dog and people socialization. My main motivation is FOOD, FOOD, FOOD! And a “good girl” goes a really long way with me. I also love nice, gentle pets. I love the Kong that looks like a bone… I flip that thing around all over the couch and the living room!

I’ve only met one kid so far, and he kind of scared me… I will do best with slow intros. I live with three cats. I love cats – I don’t chase them or anything! Sometimes I throw a paw at them to play, but if they don’t want to, I just walk away – I don’t want to cause any trouble. I live with two dogs as well. My foster sister is a 6-year-old husky mix who is very shy and reserved. My foster brother is a lazy beagle pitbull mix. I am a pretty submissive girl. I’ve only met one other doggie the other day on a walk so far, and I really liked hanging out with her. The two humans were giving out lots of treats so I was super happy. We sniffed each other nicely and I gave some gentle kisses on my new friend’s face so she knew I wasn’t a threat.

I am about as sweet as they get. I am super cuddly and love to nap with my foster parents. When my foster mom works in the mornings, I sit on the couch with her while she emails away all day. I also just really love pleasing humans. My dream family would be a family that can give me lots of attention. I really like being around nice people. My foster mom calls me a stage five clinger… I don’t know what that means really, but she says I follow her around a lot. My family should also be willing to work with me on my shyness. I definitely open up once exposed to new experiences, but I need a family who is willing to work with my cautiousness on new experiences like loud noises outside, and things like that. 

My dream day would consist of a nice shortish walk in the morning, followed by breakfast, a frozen Kong filled with some yummies like wet food, greek yogurt or peanut butter, and then I want to settle in for a long day of napping and cuddling. When’s dinner ?!! I love food, and I would love to meet you!

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