Female - 7 months old

Hi everyone! My name is Grace and I’m a friendly, energetic, playful little girl! I’m approximately 5-6 months old and 34 lbs of love. I am an American Staffordshire Terrier mix and I have a beautiful soft black and brindle coat that shines in the sun. I have a white belly with two white paws that look like I’m always wearing socks. I am full of energy and do a cute little tap dance with my front paws when I’m excited!

Prior to coming into rescue, I was kept in my kennel that I shared with my sibling quite a bit so I love, love, love being outside and soaking in all the fresh air. I love going for walks and sitting and observing the people and other furry friends that walk by. I also enjoy short runs, playing tug, and playing fetch with my tennis ball. After I’ve exerted my athletic skills, I become a snuggly little lap dog in the evenings. When I get really tuckered out, I make cute little snoring noises. I’m very affectionate and am eager to please. I love giving kisses and sometimes forget I have teeth so I do a little nibbling. I do like to do some light wrestling and play biting, so I would probably do better with kids that are older, however with continued training I could make a great companion for kids of all ages.

I am about 95% potty trained and having easy access to go out in my backyard really helps. I am very treat motivated and love pulling toys out of my toy bin to entertain myself. I also love chewing on sticks and finding the ones twice my size that I run around with in the yard and show off like a trophy! I am leashed trained and even know what “sit” means. When I’m not in a fenced yard I stay by my foster parent’s side, but I would still love a yard that I can run and play in. At night I sleep in my kennel with no problems. I do really well in my kennel during the day, but with my history of being in my kennel a lot, I would prefer to be kenneled as little as possible.

I live with a foster brother and foster sister who are both 60 lb. pitbulls. I love wrestling with my foster sister any chance I get. I am able to take cues when my foster sister no longer wants to play and quickly turn my attention towards a toy. My foster brother isn’t a playful pup so I instead shower him with kisses regularly. With how much I love playing with other dogs, I would really love to have another dog to play with in my future home, but I could easily be the only dog in my future home and be just as happy. When it comes to cats, I haven’t had much experience being around them. I was around a cat for a short period of time with distance between us and I was mostly curious and sat back and observed. As a puppy I could likely learn to get along with them.

My perfect forever home would be a home that could give me exercise on a regular basis, whether it’s playing fetch or going for walks. I would love also a home that could continue to teach me simple obedience commands, as I catch onto training quickly and am eager to learn and please. If you are looking for an athletic, loving, wiggle butt with doting affection, I am the puppy for you!

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