Flash (Freddie)
Male - 8 months old
Special Needs

Sung to the tune of Beverly Hillbillies:

There once was a puppy who came from New Mexico,
I rode in the truck, drove by Lori and Sara OOO,
They kept talking smack about the size of my head,
and then they all named me Fred.

Technically, Freddie the Face, Flashdance too!

Well that’s just the start of my fancy story,
So stick around if you wanna meet me,
I have hydrocephalus which is not as bad as it sounds,
I’ll always be a lil different but that’s no reason to leave me at the pound.

Took me ‘lil while to learn how to pee,
And I’ll always be a puppy,
Six months old but three months mentally,
Support Save-a-Bull’s mission and adopt me,

Pitbulls, puppy dogs, adopt me!

Did you like my song? I’m a little guy, about 25 pounds. Because of the hydrocephalus (spinal fluid on the brain) I’m a little slower but I have learned how to potty outside and a few basic obedience skills. Basically, I have a slight learning disability but with patience and love I do learn. I’m super sweet and love to play.

I do well with dogs, cats, kids and my impulse control sways to be very happy. I can be vocal when I meet new people and dogs but it is all out of pure excitement. I sleep in my kennel at night and do well as long as I can see you, but I also do great sleeping in bed too. If I kennel when you are away from home, it takes me a while to settle down; I’ll sing and howl for a long time but don’t hurt myself while in the kennel. It probably would be best for me to stay away from apartment buildings since I’m vocal in my kennel and need short distances for potty training.

The only medication that I’m on is omeprazole/Prilosec, once a day, for at least the next couple of months – which helps reduce the fluid on my brain. I do not have seizures or any other issues from the hydrocephalus since my case is mild.

I am such a loving boy and would love to meet you!


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