Female - 3 months old

Hi, I’m Frenchy! And yes, my ears are always this cute! I was born in New Mexico and found in a feedsack with my four siblings when we were about 10 days old. Some nice people fed us bottles, then we took a big trip to Minnesota, and now I’m a healthy 13-week old!  I’m not sure what kind of doggie I am, but I have big paws and might grow up to be a 50+ pound girl!

My foster parents say I’m a super smart girl because I already know how to sit, shake and go potty outside (most of the time). I also like to hang out in my crate when I need a nap or when I sleep at night – it’s my cozy spot. I am very food motivated and will do anything for a piece of kibble or a “good girl” affirmation. (But I already know I’m a good girl, so I’m not sure why they keep telling me.) I would enjoy a home with someone who teaches me more tricks because I LOVE learning! I also like doing puzzles. Do you like puzzles?

Anyway, Minnesota is pretty great, I don’t even mind the cold. I love to go outside in the snow and pounce on leaves! I really like pouncing on all my toys. My favorite toys so far are rope toys I can tug with or chase, my Kong tire, and my puzzle food ball. Have I mentioned I love working for food?

I also enjoy shadowing the two dogs (an 8-year-old Beagle/Shepherd mix, female, and a 2-year old pitbull mix, male) who live with me so I can learn how to be BIG! I have not met cats or kids, but I think I would really enjoy some kids to play with. I am spunky and really love to play! I might be too energetic to be around cats, but I’m a curious girl and very willing to meet one someday. And I would really love to meet you!

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