Female - 5 months old

Do you love super soft, velvety puppy ears? Do you love long winter snuggles with a perfectly sized pooch? Do you have lots of love to keep me warm? Well then I'm the dog for you! My name is Bubbles and my foster mom says I'm quite a doll! I have giant brown eyes and the softest little funny ears! I absolutely love my people. I will follow you everywhere and need to know where you're at! I even love napping in my kennel if I know you're nearby.

Have you heard of these things called kids? They are my favorite! I have two little girls (4 and 7) in my foster home and my whole body wiggles when I see them! I even like to check on them at night after I go out to go potty. (Did I mention that I'm working REALLY hard on potty training?) So I'd love to go to a forever family that maybe has some little people that I can cover in puppy kisses.

I'm not a huge fan of this cold weather. I don't have the warm coat of a husky or the thick skin of these hearty midwest dogs (yet!) so I'm in and out when my business is done. I'm trying really hard to go potty outside, and my foster mom says I'm doing AMAZING! But I still have accidents. Fortunately, I will go on a puppy pad or really any thing that's closest to the back door. As far as toys, I love things that go squeak and things that can withstand my little teeth. I have a buffalo horn at my foster home that will entertain me for hours. And a frozen peanut butter Kong will keep me content in my crate for awhile if you have to leave me.

I have a four legged foster sister that is close to my age. She's quite a bit bigger than me and we're still getting to know each other. She can play pretty rough (think WWF for pittie babies) and that's not really my style, although we do play side by side. My ideal home would have an older dog or at least one that isn't huge and all feet. I'm a very petite little lady, so I'd love an old soul that can be mellow with me. I don't have any experience with cats but I'd guess with my submissive nature, I'd be ok with them.

My foster mom says that I'm going to be really easy to train because I LOVE food. Even for as tiny as I am, I love my snacks and chew bones. She says I know how to sit but I'm really just trying to get the treats out of her hands. I love when she tells me "good girl" too. I would really do anything to make my people happy.

My top three favorite things right now are 1. Snuggles 2. Food 3. Snuggles from little people.

Are you looking for a dog like me? I'd love to be your forever dog if you'd be my forever home!

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