Male - 9 months old

Hello, I’m Sprocket! My foster mom says I have a lot of extra skin around my neck and she loves to play with it. She also says I have beautiful hazel eyes, whatever that means. I have big, floppy ears that perk up on top of my head when I’m intrigued by something. I really love new smells and they make my teeth chatter – it makes my family laugh a lot. I was found as a stray, but I sure do love living in a home!

I’ve had a couple potty accidents, but for the most part I’m really good at going potty outside. I am crate trained – I go into my crate when my foster mom and dad say “kennel.” I do cry for a bit because I’m a little sad that I can’t be with my people, but I quiet down after a few minutes and hang out. I enjoy having blankets over my crate, it makes me feel safe. I am working really hard at taking treats and toys out of my foster mom and dad’s hands once they say “ok.” I’m learning not to grab them right out of everyone’s hands, I’m almost there! I am also learning “leave it” and door manners, and I am a pro at “sit.” I automatically sit when a treat is out and I will sit the instant you tell me to. I love treats so much – I am very motivated by treats! My favorite toy in the whole wide world is my Kong gyro toy. It has treats in it and it keeps me very busy and helps me burn my energy. I love it so much, I trot all around the house with it in my mouth.

I have three two-legged foster sisters – they’re 8, 11, and 13. I love them all so much! The first time I met them I climbed on their laps and gave them lots of kisses. I love other dogs a lot – I could play with them all day! My little foster sister is a 20-pound terrier mix and we run and play all the time. My foster brother is 60 pounds and he’s still working on adjusting to me – he’s not used to having another boy in the house! I am very good with him and respect his space and am dreaming of the day that we can be best friends. I am pretty submissive, I like to roll onto my back when my sister is playing with me. I love running and wrestling with my foster sister. I want all the love I can get!

My foster parents say I am the sweetest dog they have ever met. I instantly love everyone and everything and I am so snuggly! I want to give my love to everyone. I’ve also been told that I am really smart and learn very quickly. 

I would love to be with a family that has a lot of space for me to run around. I’m still a puppy and I have a lot of energy. I also want a home that will give me lots of treats, toys, and snuggles on the couch. All of those are the best! I would love to have a brother or sister doggy in the house with me, but I would be good with just my people too. I would love to meet you!

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