Male - 3 months old

Hi, I’m Pecan! I have an adorable face and a cute round belly. I am a snuggler – give me someone to snuggle, and I will snuggle with them! I don’t know much about my past, but I can already tell that I will have a very bright future. I do know that I was born in South Dakota to a family of seven puppies, five brothers and one sister. I am a pitbull/husky mix.

My potty training is going well. I am almost there but still have the occasional accident. Give me a break, I’m just two months old! I am working on kennel training but much prefer to be with people, although my foster parents don’t always let me get my way. At night I sleep cuddled up with my foster dog brother Stanley. I know “sit”, and have “stay” pretty much down.  I would love taking a training course or two and learning some new tricks. Tricks come with treats and I’m all about that. I like positive encouragement, but I really work for treats!

I have two human siblings, a ten-year-old girl and a twelve-year old boy. I love those guys and they love me, especially the girl. I haven’t had the privilege of meeting any cats yet. My foster sister has a gecko, that thing is weird! I live with two medium to large sized dog siblings, they are both Save-a-Bull alumni. Blanche is four going on five. She is a Pitbull/Boxer mix and the matriarch of the house. We get along but she likes her alone time. But let me tell you about Stanley! I love that guy! He’s a puppy like me but just a little older at eight months. I’m not sure what mix he is, but I know he is 100% purebred fun. We roll, wrestle, run, and jump on top of each other! Once we’re tired, we cuddle on the couch but then right back at it. I like to think I’m the dominant one until Stanley reminds me that he is five times my size!

I love to run around and play tug-of-war. My favorite toys are my tug-of-war rope, bones, my soccer ball, and stuffed animals. It’s been super cold out lately, even for Minnesota, so I do my business outside and race back in.

I can’t wait to find a home to call my own forever. I hope to find someone who will play with me for a bit, but then let me lay on them and rub my belly while they watch TV. Could that be you?

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