Male - 3 months old

Hi, my name is Cacao! I have adorable eyebrows and huge paws. I am a very bouncy puppy, I love toys and am very content to chase them around by myself. I am originally from South Dakota – I made the trip with my siblings and am now with the good folks at Save-a-Bull.

I still might have an accident in my crate when my foster mom is gone at work, but when she is home I know how to ask to go outside and I don’t have any accidents indoors. I cry a little when my foster mom first leaves, but I am getting better and better at learning that my crate is an okay place to be. I also sleep in my crate.

“Sit” and “stay” are getting easier every day. I would love to take some training classes. My foster mom says I am very smart and will do awesome with new things to learn. I love anything with a rope that I can pull apart, or has a squeaker. My motivation is treats and a “good job” from a human. I love frozen pumpkin in a Kong, and pets and belly scratches make my tail happy!

I do not live with any children but I met a 10-year-old and loooved someone closer to my level! I have a foster cat brother and guinea pig. I wish the cat would play with me, but he has taught me to respect his boundaries. I like to watch the guinea pig, but I leave him alone. I also have a 60 lb. pitbull foster sister that I get along great with. I am submissive when we play, I love playing tug, and following my foster sister around in the snow.

I am going to be a big boy, which just means even more of me to cuddle! I would love a family with space for me to run around. I would do great in a home with kids to love. I love to play, play, and play until I conk out curled up next to a human!

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