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Hi! My name is Lewis!  My foster family says I am the goofiest dog they've ever met. They sometimes jokingly call me "Clyde" for the way that I trot, stomp, bound, and leap about like a playing baby Clydesdale horse. Unlike a horse, though – I love to snuggle on the couch and spend time chewing on a durable toy. I really love meeting new people of all kinds and really enjoy playing. I am in search of a forever family that can match my super playful, active, outdoors-loving spirit, maybe a family with a decently sized yard (preferably fenced if you're in the city) I can run and sniff around, or a cabin we can escape to together sometimes to explore the world!

I was found as a stray in rural Minnesota, and after waiting for my family to come find me, they never came. When my stray hold was up, it didn't appear anyone wanted me, and I was just hours away from being euthanized when the folks at Save-a-Bull came to rescue me. Boy am I happy they did. I have been a ball of goofy joy ever since arriving in my foster home!

When I got to my foster home, my family was super impressed with my love for getting wet during bath time and the way I like to relax in my kennel. My foster family is working with me to learn more manners and important life skills. I am currently in training full time with my foster family and have mastered come, sit, lay down, wait, "touch"/hand targeting paw/shake, heel, "off" (furniture, etc.), focusing/looking at my people, and walking politely on leash. I also sleep through the night in my kennel without a peep and always ask to go outside to go potty. (Okay, sometimes I might just ask to go outside because I really love to go outside, but at least I have never gone potty in the house!)

As I am mastering obedience, leash skills, and polishing up my impulse control as a foundation, we are also working on improving how I do when meeting other dogs – I currently get too excited and don't always act very appropriately when my brain is too overstimulated. My foster family is helping condition me to have a consistently calm and happy response around other dogs, and I would love it if I could have a forever family that can commit to help me continue to polish those social skills and only give me positive and controlled interactions with other dogs while I learn (no busy dog-crowded places for me, please!). I heard Save-a-Bull will provide a $50 reimbursement for any professional training programs I enroll in after my adoption!

Even though I am about two years old, I have some very puppy-like traits (without the pottying in the house!). Along with my goofy pup-like demeanor, I am super eager to learn and please my people. I am a sponge for new information and learn very quickly. I am very motivated by treats and attention, and will do what you ask to get those as rewards. I am a super intelligent and athletic guy; I wonder if someone could help give me a "job" or teach me a fun sport (I think nose/scent work sports, agility, hiking, water sports, or hunting would all be pretty fun). For now, I like chasing a flirt pole and playing tug and fetch at my foster home to get my energy out! I am also the kind of dog that really thrives with a lot of structure. I love my time in my crate and eat most of my meals there (unless it is an "enrichment" meal paired with an activity I do outside of my kennel). I would love someone that has experience with dogs and will commit to giving me structure and something to do and continue building on the life skills I am learning in my foster home to be the best Lewis I can be.

While I have a whole lot of energy, I also really love to just chill. I am what they call a "hardcore snuggler". I just want to join you on your lap and show you my belly for rubs and big puppy hugs and kisses. I am also great at chilling out around the house while my foster mom works from home and am content spending several hours quietly napping in my kennel every day. I am especially happy just relaxing on the couch or dog bed if there is a good toy to chew on or a kong to work on.

Since I carry my body like a crazy Clydesdale (often clumsy and bounding all over), I think a family with only grown ups and older kids would be the best match for me. I don't know that cats aren't an animated toy, so I would definitely be best in a home without small animals. I don't think I love other dogs, so before I get more training and practice with structured dog-dog introductions, I need to be in a home where I am allowed all the space as an only-dog.

Are you looking for a fun, outdoor-loving partner to laugh and share snuggles with? I just might be your guy! Help the folks at Save-a-Bull save the lives of more super awesome dogs like me and apply to be my forever best friend!

Adoption Fee: $300 (includes sales tax)
Adoption fee also includes a $50 training reimbursement credit - Learn more

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