Female - 3 months old

Hello, I’m Bernadette. My best physical feature is probably everything! I have a very pretty chocolate brown coat, big brown eyes and perfectly flopped-over ears. I was found as a stray in North Minneapolis, and the good folks at Save-a-Bull took me in.

I have the basic concept of potty training down, but sometimes my puppy brain gets the best of me and I forget I have to go potty until it’s too late. I sleep quietly in my kennel at night. I have mastered sit, lay down, kennel, come and no, and I am working on stay and off. I haven’t taken any training classes but that sounds like a blast! I’ll do anything for a treat and I love meeting new people and puppy friends.

I have never met any children, but I think I could get used to them. They would have to understand that I am a puppy and still nibble from time-to-time. I live with a 10-year-old pitbull – she’s pretty fun, I love to wrestle and play with her! I also live with a cat and two bunnies. I really love to play chase with the cats, but I redirect from them very easily. Dog savvy kitties are a must with me.

My dream family would take me on lots of walks and snuggle and play with me. I love attention but I am also pretty independent, and I can’t wait to meet you!

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