Male - 6 months old
No Cats

Hi, I’m Ray. My best physical features are my long lanky legs and my beautiful brindle coat. I am an all around goofball! I’m growing so fast my legs seem to get in the way and I trip over them all the time. I also LOVE to whip toys around, it is so much fun! Before coming into rescue I didn’t have much of a life – I was kept in a backyard on a small leash for most of the time.

I am potty trained and mostly kennel trained. Sometimes I’ll throw a temper tantrum in my kennel, just to see if my human will come rescue me, but for the most part I stay quiet in my kennel. I sleep in my kennel at night. When I’ve tried to sleep with foster mom, I just can’t seem to settle completely. I am an avid window checker; someone has to keep watch on this neighborhood!

I’m currently working on wait and off. I’ve already mastered sit, lay down and kennel. I haven’t taken any training classes, but I think that sounds like a blast. If you have food you have my full attention, I’ll do anything you want for a treat!

I’ve never met any kids while in rescue but my foster mom thinks older kids would be best for me. At five months I’m almost 50 pounds and I get excited when meeting people, so I might accidentally knock a little one over.

I live with a 10-year-old female pit bull, two cats and two bunnies. I love my foster sister, she is so much fun to wrestle and play chase with. I am also very respectful of her cues and usually follow her lead. I don’t think I would like to live with cats forever though – I really like to chase them and they don’t seem to like it.

My dream forever home would be one that understands I am going to be a very large boy when I’m finished growing. I would also like them to take me on lots of walks and give me lots of cuddles. Could that be you?

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