Female - 3 years old

Hi! My name is Ethel and I am a happy go lucky girl. I am looking for a forever family that will play fetch with me. I love to chase the ball in the yard or in the house of that is allowed. I bring it back and either drop it or gently give it to you.

I like to have you in my sight when we are home together – I will follow you everywhere! I have good boundaries and will come to you for hugs and pets, and if I have to go outside. When we are outside I stick pretty close. I am a smart independent girl, but I am a good listener and I follow directions when I am told. I don’t run away from you if I accidently get out of the yard and I come back when you ask me to.

I know how to do the following things: sit, down, leave it, and go lay down. I also know stay, but it could use some refining. I prefer to lounge on my dog bed while we watch TV, but I really love sleeping with my human at night. I am practicing not hogging the bed but that is a work in progress!

My foster mom says I am the perfect dog because I have a good foundation, whatever that means. I know that I need to potty outside, I go into my kennel when asked and I don’t bark very much.  I am practically perfect in every way, maybe my name should be Mary Poppins!

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