Female - 5 months old

Hi, I’m Nokomis! My foster mom says my long legs and neck make me the cutest gal! I came all the way from Alabama to find a loving home in Minnesota.

I haven’t lived in a home for very long at all, so I’m just starting to work on my potty training. I am also working on sleeping in my kennel. My foster mom has been working with me on “come, down, stay, and leave it.” I would say I will learn very quickly. I think I would love to take some training classes in the future. I LOVE treats – they motivate me to do just about anything!

I really like stuffed animals, balls, and loud toys. I will chase a ball if you throw it, which is hilarious to my foster mom because I trip on my long legs.

I have two human siblings – my foster brother is 8 and my foster sister is 7. At first I was a little nervous about meeting them, but I realized they’re my size and now we love to chase around! My foster siblings get down to my level and pet me and I love to sniff and kiss their faces. I also really love my foster mom because she cleans me up and feeds me. Food really gets me to wiggle!

I have not met a cat, but I think I would like them. My canine foster brother is Simba, a Volpino who is about 16 lbs. and my canine sister is Belle, who is a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix, and she’s about 8 lbs. I like to play chase with them – I wag my tail a lot when we’re having fun.

My foster mom says I have a moderate amount of energy so far, and I am easy to handle. I have had a few footbaths just to keep me clean and I stand still when my foster mom asks. I calm down at night when my foster mom tells me it’s time for bed, even if I protest a little at first. I think I will learn what snuggling is in due time.

I know I will grow and learn and become a dream pup for a forever family. I am ready to give so much love. Could that be you?

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