Female - 5 months old

My name is Rainy.  I am a sassy spunky little girl with a sweet soft side. My foster mom says my coat is so pretty and she is always petting me and telling me I’m pretty. I LOVE pouncing! This must be really funny and I keep hearing things like, “she looks like a little fawn” so I do it more and more.

I am a southern belle – all the way here from Alabama. It was a long car ride and then the next thing I know I was at a house with a lot of commotion, and then with my foster mom and grandma.  They have been very nice and helpful to me getting settled here.

I’m getting there with my potty training. I get excited and forget sometimes, but I am a “good girl,” I hear it all the time. I’ve hardly had any accidents.  We go outside often so that is very helpful to me.  We are also working on my kennel training. I don’t like it much, but my foster mom says it is a good thing so I’m trying. During the day I’m fine, it’s ok.  At nighttime it scares me and it’s lonely, but I’m working on it.

I have only been at my foster home a few days and far so we have just been trying to be calm. My foster grandma has been telling me to sit a lot when my foster sibling is eating his food and I think I understand what she means now. I did it a few times by myself and she was so happy she gave me a snack.  

I think I would do very well with some classes.  I am VERY smart. I really like to make my foster mom and grandma happy. Food is ok, but my tummy can only hold so much. I like it best when they smile at me at tell me how pretty I am and that I am a good girl. They snuggle me and I love it so much.

I have not met any little children yet, but if they like to play I think I would like them a lot. I have not met any animals smaller than me other than my foster sibling pup. My foster pup Jasper is a Shih Tzu and is 9 years old. I am very respectful of Jasper’s boundaries, if I try to play or come close, he tells me no, and I move away and do not try to push.

I am a super sweet, smart, snuggly and loveable girl. I love to do the right thing and know when I do something that doesn’t make someone happy and want to make it better. I will love you with my eyes snuggles. I have a curious personality and am good-natured – I believe I will make a fabulous addition to any loving home!

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