Female - 4 months old

Hi, I’m Pumpkin. I have ears that look like I am ready to take off on a trip flying, but don’t worry; I’ll stay on the ground and do my best impersonation of Bambi! You see I have very long legs that I need to grow into, so I kind of walk funny and I sit down a lot like polite young lady. My foster dad says I am at an awkward stage in my growing up. The rest of my body needs to catch up with my long lanky legs. My dad says I have personality plus! I love to give kisses and snuggle in my dad’s arms when we take our naps.

I traveled a very long way from down south. Alabama is where I was born, and my life started out on a bad note when the doctor said my siblings and I had Parvo, a very deadly disease for dogs, but I was a strong enough gal that I survived and now I am ready to find my new home. We’re a few weeks late because of the Parvo, but I had enough time to work on my social and home skills.

I am potty trained! My foster dad says he was surprised that when I wake up, I immediately go to the door to go outside. I did have one accident, but dad was not fast enough and I had to go – accidents do happen! I go into my kennel at night and I don’t cry – I sleep for seven hours before I need to come out and go potty.

I like playing tug-of-war, but I also love to just play with my toys by myself. I definitely know “sit,” and I sit like a young lady from the south – very tall with my ears up, waiting for my dad to let me out of my command. I sure hope I get to take some training classes; I want to learn to socialize with other dogs my own age. Treats motivate me – I love them!

I haven’t met any children or cats yet, so I’m not sure how I would be around them. I live with three resident dogs. The oldest is a Golden Retriever mix. She stares at me when I bark at her, she is head of the pack, so I don’t bother her much, but she doesn’t mind that I use her as a stepping stool to get up on the couch with Vadar, the Chihuahua/Miniature Doberman mix.  Vadar doesn’t like me, and won’t play with me, but he lets me sleep right next to him when we take our afternoon naps. Then there is Nova, the Chocolate Lab mix.   She is old and grumpy and wants to be left alone. I am very submissive with the resident dogs; I roll on my back and try to play with them. There is a pit bull pup next door and her name is Mable. We play along the fence together and have so much fun. I hope that maybe I can play with her in my yard or her yard.

I hope a family adopts me with kids, and if not at least another dog do we can run with the wind.  If I’m an only dog that would be fine too, I don’t mind playing with my toys by myself.

My dream day would consist of taking a long walk after breakfast, and then play in the yard for as long as I am allowed.  Naptime is a must! Playtime before dinner would be nice, before snuggling in the evening with my humans as we watch their favorite shows before I go to bed in my kennel.

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