Miss Boom Boom
Female - 7 years old
No Cats

Hey, humans! My name is Miss Boom Boom, but you can call me Boom or Boomer for short. I'm a happy little lady who has had a litter or two of pups in my day, but now it's my time! I'm in the market for a best friend and forever family.

Don't let my small stature, sweet face, and puppy dog eyes fool you – I've got spunk! Right now, I live with a foster sister who is twice my size, and I love playing with her. I also really like lots of different toys and snacks. Especially those snacks you humans eat! I know, I know, they're not for me. They just smell so good! I need some reminding to remember manners now and then. Which reminds me, you may also need to review some of those other words you humans are always saying to me like, "sit," "down," and "off." I do pretty good with the whole pee-pee outside thing, but it's been a while for those other words, even though my foster mom says I'm getting better every day.

Even though I would much rather be with my foster sister or around humans, I don't mind that kennel I sleep in. I may briefly express my distaste but do it as politely as possible. I just really want to go to sleep upstairs with everyone else! My foster mom won't let me, though, cause with such little legs, I can't get back down the stairs. I can shoot up those things like a rocket, but it gets a bit dicey after that. I guess that means my ideal forever home shouldn't have too many stairs.

Well, anyway, thanks for stopping by! And don't forget to have a look at all my glamour shots.  

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