Female - 5 years old

Hello – they call me Big Mama, Mama for short! I am 5 years old and have had a lot of babies. I am done with all that and looking forward to finding a best friend!

I am completely potty trained. No messes in the house for me, I am a good girl. I really like sitting on foster mom's lap and stare at her with my big brown eyes – when I am not napping of course. I can stay on the floor but I will be close. Sometimes I just go into the bedroom and nap on foster mom’s bed. Speaking of that I really like sleeping with my human and I don’t take up much space. When you are eating I sit quietly in front of you and gently tap the seat with my paw to remind you I am here. Oh, and I drool while you eat to reinforce the message that I want what you have. I have the cutest ears that stick straight up and I prance and wiggle my bum when I walk.

I am good with other dogs so far and I am very interested in cats. I want to chase them so bad but if foster mom says no I listen. She says she wouldn’t trust me completely yet with kitties unless she is there.

Besides being potty trained I know sit and down. I stay in my kennel when I am home alone and I don’t mind, I waltz in there like a champ.

I like to go for rides in the car. I sit nice in the back seat but I am the coolest dog when I ride shotgun. I rest my right arm outside the window and lean casually out watching all the people.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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