Sweet Pea
Female - 3 years old

Hi, I’m Sweat Pea. I have very expressive brown eyes and have a white coat with brindle spots. I love to give everyone hugs and I give the best hugs!  Everyone I meet is my favorite human ever.  I also love to kiss everyone. It is all about the love for me. I spent my previous life outside in a kennel. I had never been inside before and I had never visited the vet before. I was not abused, just ignored and neglected.

We are working on potty training. I do pretty well, but sometimes I forget that is why I’m outside and forget to actually do my business. I spend time inside my kennel when my foster parents are not home.  I do not like going into the kennel, but once I am inside the kennel, I do not mind it at all. At night I have been sleeping in bed with my foster parents and their resident dog. It is so comfy, I love it!

I am pretty much a blank slate, so I’m working on everything. Sit, leave-it, off, down… it’s a lot! I am getting sit, and I am pretty good at leave-it. I am the master of hugs and that’s something I taught myself! Training classes would be cool, I love praise and and pleasing my people. I’m still trying to figure out the “treat” thing, but am slowly understanding that they are delicious rewards for doing what I am asked. I love to go for walks and surprisingly, I am great on a leash. I do not understand toys, so balls and tug do not interest me yet. I have figured out that chewing on a Nylabone toy is very relaxing.

My previous owner had kids, but I rarely got to play with them.  I think I would be okay with older kids, but I would probably knock younger kids over – unintentionally, of course! I have no experience with cats. My foster parents have a resident pitbull, and after slow introductions over a few days, we are best friends. I am more submissive, but I will stand up for myself, if I need to do that.

I would love a big, fenced in yard so I can run to my hearts’ content. I would love to be able to jump (my foster brother had to show me how to do that) and play and just feel free. Older kids to play with would be awesome and I would love to be active and get a chance to explore this world. I need a lot of attention right now, but once I get used to the idea of my humans always being there for me, I will settle down into a routine.

My dream day would consist of getting up with some good hugs, then go for a walk, followed by breakfast. Lots of play time and attention and winding down with cuddles on the couch would be great. I deserve a second chance at having a happily ever after. Could it be with you?

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in memory of James Doering.

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