Female - 7 months old

My name is Lucy, but everyone calls me Lulu. Take a look at my adorable face and my sparkling eyes, and try not to fall in love! ❤️

In addition to stunning good looks, I also have a wonderful personality. I’m a little shy at first, but I warm up quickly to new people and dogs, and then just want to run and play and be close to you. I’m silly and sassy and all about the fun!

I love to be outside, fetch is my favorite game. I’ll chase and bring back a ball over, and over! I also LOVE to play with the hose while you spray me down with water and I chase the stream all over the yard. Then I like to lay in the warm sun and chew sticks or nap by your feet on the patio.

I like all kinds of chew toys! I’m a little rough on the stuffies, so Nylabones are best for me. I’m already pretty good with basic commands like sit and stay, and I’ll work really hard for treats! I’m an excellent leash-walker, I sleep quietly in my kennel, and I’m working on mastering potty-training.

Cats: Oooh boy! I really like the little furry guys, and I get super excited to investigate and play. I’ve met a few dog-savvy cats and did a pretty good job sniffing them and following them around the house. But they’re super cool and I have a tendency to get a little wound up about them. If there’s a cat in my new home, he or she will have to be *chill* and someone with a little experience will need to manage my curiosity and help me learn that chasing and/or playing rough with felines is not okay!

I came from a very loving home, mom and dad had to give my up because of some stupid HOA rules. In my current foster home, I have two pittie foster sisters, a little fenced yard to play in, lots of fun toys, and a garden where I can eat raspberries right off the bush. So – I’m used to the good life, and can’t wait to settle in to a new home with another family that will spoil me, and love me as much as I can love them.

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