Female - 4 months old

Hi, my name is Jubilee! My special qualities are my beautiful black coat and one white mitt. I am all sass! I like to find sticks in the yard and then run like the wind away from my foster mom before she can catch me to take them away!

I am working hard at not having accidents in the house. I am REALLY great at letting my humans know when I need to go potty if I am in my crate, but still need some practice if I’m out and about in the house. I’m working on my crate training – I cry a little bit at first, but eventually settle in while my foster parents are at work. Nighttime is a different story. 🙂 My foster parents keep trying to make me sleep in that dang crate, but I just don’t want to! I would much prefer to snuggle in bed. They are pretty persistent though, so I think I’ll have to get used to sleeping in my crate over time. I’m getting pretty good at leaving things alone I’m not supposed to have – yay! I am also working on coming when called and “sit.” I loooove yummy treats!

I have two human sisters. They are 7 and 5 and they just love to play with me, which is great because I get all sorts of love and hugs from them. I have a kitty foster sister too. She’s 12 and doesn’t love my puppy antics. Perhaps it’s because I bark at her to ask her to play? I hope we will be friends soon. Macy (a Save-A-Bull alumni) is my doggie foster sister. My favorite thing to do with her is play tug-o-war with her tire rope toy in the yard. Stuffed animals are my jam. My favorite ones are as big as me so I can wrestle with them!

My foster mom tells everyone I have such a cool personality – full of sass yet super chill too. I LOVE to be outside, so a family that will like to take me on outdoor adventures would be great. I also think I would love to have siblings – human or furry.

My perfect day is playing outside and getting ALL the sticks I can find, then settling in for some snuggles with my humans. I am a super great pup who will make a great addition to your family!

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