Female - 4 months old

Hi there! My name is Cherry! I am a young pup looking for my forever home. My foster family says I’m a “dark chocolate covered” Cherry because of my fur. I also have lots of wrinkles that my foster Mom says I’ll grow into someday. I came to Save-a-Bull with my siblings from a place called Arkansas. I stayed with my (dog) Mom up until I came to Minnesota to find a family of my own.

I have so much to learn! Right now I’m working on something called “potty training”. My foster family is teaching me to do my business outside. I think I’m getting the hang of this, but I’m not perfect yet! Sometimes I take breaks during the day in my kennel for a nap or if my foster family isn’t home. I am learning to like my kennel even though I protest a little bit at first. At night I sleep with the humans. Pretty soon I will be learning how to walk on a leash and will learn how to sit on command. My foster Mom says this is something called “obedience training” and I am going to learn lots of new things! Hey, I’m only 9 weeks old so all of this is new for me! 🙂 I do love treats and toys so my Mom says it won’t be long before I’m a pro at all of the big dog things!

In my foster home I live with a kitty, 2 big dogs, and 3 human kids (15, 12, and 10). Sometimes I get a little bit too excited when I play and I can nip the humans, but my foster family is teaching me that humans don’t like that kind of playing. When I first met the big dogs I barked and growled a little, but that was because I wasn’t sure about them! After a few minutes I warmed up and by the next day we were playing and fast friends. I play with the big dogs a lot in the yard and sometimes in the house too. I love to play with stuffed toys, bones to chew, and playing tug of war. I haven’t met the kitty yet because he doesn’t like dogs but my foster Mom says she will introduce us soon. She thinks I will be fine with the kitty because I don’t seem to have something called “prey drive”.

I might not be right for a family with small children unless you (adults) have experience with puppies (I am sweet, but I can sometimes get carried away with play and need to learn not to nip/jump/etc. Older children may be better equipped to handle this. It might be too overwhelming for little’s.)

My foster family says I have something called “a lot of potential”! I want to be loved and give love to everyone. I love to be close to my humans at all times. They say that I’m a “good pup” and would make a great pet for someone who likes dogs that are medium energy. I like to play and take walks or play in the yard, but I also like a fair amount of my day dedicated to naps – a balanced mix of play, cuddles, and snoozes! I am pretty “chill” from what my foster family says about me, and like my name Cherry, I am very, very sweet.

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