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Hi friends! My name is George, and I’m around 2 years old. I have a blue/silver coat, with some white on my chest, and multi-colored on my legs. While I look like a beefcake in pictures, I’m actually a pocket pittie weighing in at only 45 lbs. My foster mama says I’m quite handsome and have the best smile! I’m a lovable little dude with a goofy and playful personality.

I absolutely LOVE toys, especially balls! I’ll admit that I like to destroy tennis balls – how can you resist tearing off that green fuzz!? Because of this, my foster parents only let me have tougher balls to play with. I’m getting pretty good at fetch, but I mostly like to prance around proudly with a ball in my mouth, squeaking it constantly and having a grand ole’ time!

Unfortunately, I did have a rough start to life… but I got very lucky when some nice people in Texas found me. I was abandoned and tied to a pole outside a gas station with no food or water. The nice people took me in, fed me, and let me stay with them until they moved to MN. Once in MN, they started looking for a rescue to take me because they couldn’t keep me long term due to their housing situation. My new foster mom and dad met me, fell in love with me, and took me in to help me find my forever home!

I’ve been training with my foster parents since they took me in. Due to my history, I have some insecurities, primarily about food. It takes me a little while to trust people with my food, but I’m getting better as I build a relationship with my foster family. While I take treats like a perfect Southern gentleman, I like to scarf down my food without any manners! Foster mom makes me eat out of a special bowl that slows me down now. I’m fully potty and kennel trained! I will whine in my kennel if I need to potty, but usually I sleep through the night without needing a potty break. I’ve nailed down “sit”, and am getting pretty good with “wait.” I’m also very responsive to “nah-ah” – I know I need to stop what I’m doing and look to my person for direction. Foster mom says I’m very trainable because I love food so much – I’ll do anything for a treat!

I need slower introductions when meeting new dogs since I get very excited. I love dogs and live with three dogs in my foster home, and do well with dogs of all sizes. I do best meeting other dogs either through a gate or kennel since leashed meetings make me feel a little too nervous right now. I’m looking for owners that are confident, willing to be consistent in training me, and strong because I might be small but foster momma says I have super dog strength when I’m on leash. Since I can be insecure at times, I prefer to take things a little bit slower while I adjust to everything in the world that is new to me and makes me feel anxious. Even moving cars are new and I need help to refocus. For now, I’d do best with older children who could help be part of my positive training and learn to understand me. I’ve been working with a behaviorist and am following recommendations on how to make me more comfortable and confident. 

While my insecurities do make some things difficult, the awesome things about me outweigh the struggles. Overall I’m a goofy, wiggly, and cuddly little dude! I absolutely love people and I have no boundaries when it comes to snuggling. I’d sit on your head if you’d let me! My foster mom says that the best thing about me is that I entertain myself – just put some toys out and I’ll keep myself busy! I know that the perfect family for me is out there, and I can’t wait to meet them! Could it be you?

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