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Hi world, my name is Griffin and I'm a big ole boy looking for my forever home.  I'm active and fun loving, I love being playful and romping around the backyard (taking lots of quick breaks, I love lying on my tummy in the sun!)  I like playing fetch in the backyard; I love any and all types of balls.  I'm very toy appropriate, I let my foster parents swap and take my tennis ball, and then I go run and grab the other one! I like being pet and rubbed down, and I definitely enjoy spending time with my people.

I'm a very smart boy, I know some basic commands and I'm learning more every day.  I know sit and lie, and my attention can be redirected with a hand touch.  My people put out their hands, I put my nose in their open palm, and they give me treats.  Feels like I tricked them, pretty cool huh?!  I also learned roll over.  I just lie and let them pet my belly.  I'll take it! I'm quiet and appropriate in my kennel while my parents are working, but I do whine a little bit when I hear my foster parents having fun without me.  I’m also fully house and potty trained, I don’t chew on inappropriate things or potty in the house.  I spend time in my kennel when my parents are gone, and I also sleep there at night (quietly).  I wouldn’t mind snuggling up and sleeping in bed with my forever home!

I LOVE treats and I’m not a picky eater.  My foster parents put veggies and other small fixings onto my kibble, really tasty.  Did I mention I love treats?! I can catch treats when my foster Mom tosses them to me. Oh, and Peanut butter Kong’s are BOMB.

When I think about what I need in my forever family, I want to make sure my family knows a couple key things about me.  First off, I'm a big boy.  I don't always recognize my size, so I don't think I can live with small kids or cats.  Not because I wouldn't love them (I give the best kisses), I just forget sometimes I'm a 90 lb. puppy!  That said, my energy is also overwhelming for other dogs.  I like seeing other dogs (at a distance, or with a barrier), but I don’t think I’m really best suited to live with another dog.  It’s not because I don’t like them, it’s just because I’m too pushy.  I’m ok with that, more people love for me!  (Please note, Griffin lives with 3 other dogs and he remains separate. He sees his foster siblings through barriers [gate, window, kennel, etc.], but doesn't have any interaction. For a future adopter, we believe that Griffin would do best as an only dog).

I also would want my people to know there are times when I get over threshold.  I sometimes get excited in the yard and when meeting new people, but I calm down quickly and I listen when called.  I meet my neighbors at the fence, look at them, sometimes bark, but I run back to my foster parents for a treat when I'm called.  I'm going to need a family that is patient and consistent with me, to help me gain more confidence.  Since I'm still young, I have a lot to learn, so I will depend on my people to help me through that. I also think I would do best with a privacy fence.

I am still learning how to go on walks in the neighborhood.  Given that I'm very strong, my foster parents are training me on how to walk using a gentle leader and a harness.  There's a lot going on out in the world, so I go on really short walks right now because I get overwhelmed.  I need a family that will help me every day get a little better on walks around the neighborhood, but also recognize that there are times when I can get overwhelmed and it's best to go home.  I hope my forever family can help understand when I might get overwhelmed and help me through that situation (or avoid those situations altogether).

All of the above also applies when I ride in the car.  I’m good in my kennel in the car, but when I’m free in the back seat, I jump around too much.  I don’t mind the kennel in the car though, especially when I get to go visit friends or get a pup cup from Dairy Queen.

I'm a big, active guy.  I'm looking for a family that will give me both mental and physical exercise/stimulation, one that will be patient with me, and help me learn how to be a good boy.  I love mental stimulation. I’m good at fetch, I love doing tricks, puzzle toys and I really enjoy frozen Kong’s!  I want my forever family to know I have all the potential in the world, just look at my face!

Do you want to come meet me and be my fetch partner for life?!

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