Male - 7 months old
Special Needs

Hello Friends! My name is Cajun, and I am a six-month old pittie mix puppy. The first thing you notice about me is my beautiful eyes – one blue and one green. My first few months of life were rough. I was found in an alley, dropped off at MACC (Minneapolis Animal Care and Control), and diagnosed positive for parvo! All of this and I was only 8 weeks old. Save-a-Bull picked me up at MACC and placed me into their parvo ICU foster home. I had lots of ups and downs while recovering from parvo but ultimately, I’m a survivor!

After beating parvo, I was healthy enough to receive my vaccines. Immediately after receiving my first DHPP vaccine my foster parents knew something was wrong. I had a one in a million-vaccine reaction, which caused me to become paralyzed. (For those that are interested in the reaction name: acute immune mediated polyradiculoneuritis.) Many of you watched me online while I declined, held steady, and then slowed progressed towards recovery. As a result of the reaction, I have some nerve damage to my back legs, which is suspected to be permanent. Also, I have shallow hip sockets, so I was bound to walk a little more bull legged than the average pup any way. My back legs are bowed and when you met me you will notice I can’t run fast but don’t worry about me – I’ll surprise you and get around anyway! I go down steps without a problem but need some help going up stairs. (Just hold the base of tail, right up against my rump and I can make it up steps – you don’t have to carry me.)

I have a wheelchair that I can use when going for walks and I love it because I can RUN. I don't use it inside the house or playing in the yard. Anytime I need to go a distance the wheelchair is the fun and easiest way to do so. Also, the chair has been helping me build muscles in my back legs.

I am potty trained, kennel trained, and know some basic obedience commands like sit, drop, leave it and kisses (which means gentle.) My foster siblings are a 100 lb. Great Dane/American Bulldog mix and two smaller dogs, a Boston Terrier and Chinese Crested. I also live and play with the large resident cat. I am good with dog savvy cats and will walk away from the cat when foster parents tell me to do so. I have gotten along great with all dogs I’ve met but I prefer slower intros since due to my disabilities I can’t always get away quick and don’t like being smashed or overwhelmed by dogs. My foster family takes me for walks every day and I absolutely love meeting new people – adults and children. By the way, in the winter months, I’d like to request a family with a space heater or fireplace if possible – I love to snuggle up and keep my body warm. In the summer, I’m enjoying the hose and discovering the joys of water.

I am a special dog that needs a little bit of assistance with a few things, but I can do everything else other dogs can do. I have lots of love, kisses, and snuggles to give you – it will be worth it to adopt me.

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