Female - 11 months old

Hi there, I’m Gidget! My foster mom says my head, eyes, and ears are some of my best physical traits. She loves the way I look at her with curiosity as she goes about her business.

I am told I had an owner, and that I lived with children before I went to a shelter. When my foster family sprung me out of the shelter, I was very happy to be in warm house. The car ride was a little confusing, but once I got into my foster house I felt very comfortable.

I really love squeaky toys. I can sit and squeak them for a long time and I’m pretty happy about it. I like to snuggle my 7-year-old human foster brother and 6-year-old foster sister. I have crawled into bed with them a couple of times.

I also live with 2 other dogs at my foster home- 3 year old chihuahua/dachshund mix and 11 year old Volpino- they are both like 10lbs or less so I’m a bit bigger than them but I still love them. I would say that I am a little more dominant only because I really want to play, and when my foster dog residents don’t want to play, I don’t really take the hint and sometimes have to be told by my foster mom to leave them alone since they are a lot smaller than me. I would love to have another dog that likes to play.

I’m not quite potty trained, but I’m working really hard at it! I go outside about every 30 min when my foster family is home and I have been learning that outside is a much nicer place to go potty.

I sleep and eat in my kennel, and have no problem going into my kennel for my toys and bones. I am pretty comfortable sleeping in my kennel at night but I do kind of fuss when my foster family is leaving for the day. I know they will be coming back.

I am told “sit” quite often but don’t really know what that means yet. I know “down”, working on “drop it” ,and know the word “no” if I get a little too rough when playing with toys. I’m still learning but I am super smart so I will definitely pick up on my cues soon. OMG if I could take classes and be around other dogs - I would LOVE that!


Why are you the very best dog in the whole world?
My foster mom said the first night I stayed over “Wow, she is the best dog sleeping in a on the first night kennel that we have ever had.” I think that’s because I didn’t make a sound in my kennel after I was put to bed. My foster mom thinks I am really smart since I am listening so much better after only three days of being in her house. I love to snuggle when my humans are relaxing. I hear my foster mom say “Wow, she’s a great dog” a lot- pretty sure I’m the best dog in the whole world.

Give us a description of your dream forever family.
If I could choose my forever family, it would probably be any kind- I love any and all people around me. I love other dogs, but I am perfectly content hanging out with humans. I would really love to have humans around me most of the day if possible, since I love them so much. We could be active, go for a run, go to social events, or just hang out at home.

What TV or movie character are you most like and why?
My foster mom named me Gidget from Secret Life of Pets because I have an extremely cute face like that little Pomeranian in the movie.

What are some of your favorite toys? 
I LOVE squeaky toys and toys I can play tug of war with. I do like to fetch balls with squeakers as well.

Play all day or cuddles and snoozes?
I could do whatever my humans want to do and be super duper happy with it.

What makes your body wiggle and your tail wag harder than anything?
When my humans come home and let me out of the kennel I am sooooo happy. I love to go on walks, and I love to be played with. I am super easy to please.

What would your dream day consist of?
My dream day would just consist of being with you. <3

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