Female - 5 months old

Hello there. You can call me Foggy! I’m new in town from Arkansas and I"m pretty excited to be here!

The food here is pretty much the same as down home, but the weather here is something else! When I first arrived, I did not want to leave the house. I saw cold white stuff everywhere..brrrr! My big foster sister goes outside all the time, so I figured I’d try it; and now I think outside is really fun.

I'm a typical puppy, I like to chase my big foster sister around the house, wrestle, chew on stuff, and nap. We even have a cat, but mostly, the cat avoids me. I think we will be friends someday.  

I’m ok with hanging out in my kennel during the day, but at night I really love sleeping with my foster mom in her bed with the other dogs.

Where does a sweet girl like me find a nice family around here?

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Sarah S.
in memory of Dawn Stolee

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