Female - 3 years old

Hi I’m Toast. I was found wandering the city streets looking for a better life, and luckily landed with Save-a-Bull.  I am about the sweetest little thing you can imagine, and I would love to meet you and show you.  

I have amazing leash manners and will walk beside or behind you when we go out.  I also like to ride in the car, but I can’t see much because I’m a shorty.  I like to play with toys especially tug of war, and I’m kind of crazy about water and will jump into the tub with you when you are showering so I can drink the water.  

I love snuggling and being close to my foster mom; she lets me sit in her lap and we watch TV together.  I get really excited when it is time to eat and I jump around and turn in circles snorting and snuffling. I need to learn some potty training skills, and I'm doing pretty good if I get let outside regularly.

I have a big head and chest,  a very wide stance and short little front legs; all considered "exaggerated confirmation" of an American Bully - birth deformities thanks to really bad breeding. But I don't care; it's nothing that's going to slow me down, but I would do best in a home with limited stairs.

I have an awesome attitude and a sweet disposition! If you are looking for the perfect little slice of "toast" in your life, I am your girl.

PS. I also have cherry eye, but the doctors are going to see if it can be fixed. If it can't, it sure won't bother me either way.

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Lorelei N.
in memory of Dawn Stolee

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