Female - 7 years old

Hi there, my name is Ivy.  I am a petite, freckle-faced, spunky girl. I love meeting new people and dogs and I get pretty excited about meeting new them. My foster family is working with me and together we’re learning how to curb my excitement.

So, how did a lovely adult girl like me end up in rescue? My brother (Victor) and I came to Save-a-Bull when our family got transferred to China. They don’t allow cute dogs like us to live there—so our family had to leave us behind. While that’s pretty sad, I know were going to end up in a wonderful new place! And it lets me tell you all kinds of known things about my background:

• I’m potty trained, of course!

• I lived with small children and I do great, I love them!

• I like other dogs and am always ready to play

• I have sit, lay down, stay, and leave-it mastered. I don’t beg and I have pretty good manners, once I get over my initial excitement.

I am not thrilled about being in the kennel, but my foster family is helping me realize that it is a nice, safe place to hang out. I was kenneled sometimes at my other house, but they left me out most of the time and I never destroyed anything. At night, I am sleeping with my foster dad, but eventually I will be transitioning to my kennel - gotta sharpen those skills!

My brother and me live with our foster brother Buddy, and we all get along great. I love to wrestle and play rough, but I am also happy to go for walks and play tug-o-war and just chew on some good Benebones. And, I’m always game for some cuddle time with my foster family.

I have some skin allergies (that present as a red area under my hind legs, and it sometimes flare into a rash. I’m not sure what triggers them, but a daily Apoquel pill controls them.

I’m hoping a new family is out there looking for a great dog just like me. I’d love nothing more than to settle in to another home, with wonderful people who I can love and call my family.

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