Male - 5 months old

Hello Minnesota, I'm Ridge. I'm new to the Midwest as I was transferred up from Arkansas. I was found alone as a stray and taken in by some wonderful fosters until Save-a-Bull brought me north.

There are a lot of fun things happening at my foster home up here in Minneapolis. I currently live with a bunny, six outdoor chickens, another dog, and a toddler. While all those living things are wonderful, my favorite part about my foster home is quite possibly the Christmas tree!

I am a pretty typical puppy – with big bursts of energy followed by a long snooze on my foster mom's lap. I walk great on a leash and am very good at peeing outside when told to "go potty." At night I sleep in my kennel and have my very own bed that I brought from Arkansas. I'm currently working on keeping my teeth on approved chew toys but that's tough when my foster brother doesn't want to share his toys.

While I've been here I got to visit Santa and do you know what I asked for? A forever home of my very own! What do you think, could that be you?

Ridge is sponsored by
Mike D.
in honor of his sister, Rachel D.

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