Female - 1 years old

Hi, my name is Jinx! Even though I’m an adult, I have the softest puppy fur you’ve ever felt. As a boxer/pittie mix, I am a super happy-go-lucky bouncy girl. Whenever I see my humans, I get very excited and do my bouncy happy dance; however, I do know that jumping on humans is not allowed. If foster mom thinks I may try to jump, she tells me to sit and gives me the “touch” command. I’m such a quick learner so this works. Despite being a happy and smart girl, I do not have the happiest past. One day, some nice police officers found me and took me to animal control where I could be safe and warm. Once my stray hold was complete, Save-a-Bull took me in. During these transitions, I underwent a lot of stress and had a difficult time adjusting to my new life. Foster mama and dad took it slow with me and allowed me to transition on my own time, not theirs. Within two days, they saw that I was not a fearful girl but instead a sweet and loving soul. It is important that my forever family gives me the time I need to adjust to a new environment.

According to my foster paw-rents, I am one of the smartest dogs they have ever met. I catch on to new things quickly, and I absolutely LOVE doing tricks; however, being the smartest dog ever does have some downsides. Foster mama and dad met with a doggie behaviorist and learned that sometimes smart dogs who are more attentive to their surroundings have more to worry about, so you guessed it, I do have some anxiety. Through some behavior modification techniques and some modern medicine, my anxiety is nearly non-existent when I am in my home. I love meeting new people in my home, I love to play with my doggie siblings and when we’re done, I curl up for a nap on the couch. When I’m in new/unfamiliar places, I am sometimes more anxious. It is extremely important that my forever humans understand this and are willing to take it slow for me and I promise I will be the best girl for you.

I currently live with two six-year old dogs, a two-year old who is also in foster care, and a 10-year old lady kitty. For the most part, I ignore the grumpy cat as she doesn’t really like dogs. I love, love, LOVE to play with my doggie siblings. My brother and I like to chase squirrels in the backyard (well, he does most of the chasing, I just run with him) and my sister and I like to play tug-o-war and wrestle. Foster mama says one of the best things about me is that I adjust well to other dogs’ playstyles (I think it’s because I’m so smart!) At night-time, I sleep on the couch in the living room and then come into my parents’ bedroom when their alarm clocks go off in the morning. When my parents go to work, they tell me to go into my kennel and they give me a Kong so that I have something to work on while they’re away. Due to my anxiety, they do give me a behavioral medication prior to going in the kennel so that while I’m alone all day, I can relax and don’t need to worry about them being away. I am a very good girl in my kennel and do not chew on my bed or blankets.

My ideal home will be a home with patient and accepting humans. I may take a day or two to adjust but once I do, I will love you 100% forever and always. If you’d like to see some goofy videos and pictures of me, my parents have an Instagram account for their foster fur-babies: @adoptabullmsp.

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