Female - 3 months old

Hello, I am Cher! I have big beautiful eyes, cute little white socks, and a patch of white on my nose – my foster mom says it sets me apart from my siblings. I came up from Alabama with my nine siblings and we got this icky bug called “Parvo,” that is apparently really bad. I had an upset tummy, but am back in prime shape!

I am only 10 weeks old, so I’m not fully potty trained, but I am working very hard on it! I try to go potty as soon as I can when I get outside because it’s cold out. Brr! I have not had an accident in my crate for over a week! My foster parents sometimes have to leave me for a while to go to work, but I am doing very well and am learning to hold it. If I see that you are home, I will let you know that I want to be out of my crate to be with you!

I live with a cat foster brother and I LOVE him. I am working on being respectful of his space and not using my teeth, but he is a good teacher, letting me know when I need to leave him alone. He likes to play chase, so we are learning to play together gently. I have two dog foster sisters (med and large sizes) and I like to snuggle up with them when it’s naptime. I am still learning about how to play respectfully with my foster sisters, and we will work it out soon. When they let me know they are done playing, I just go sit with a human or find something else to do.

At night I sleep in my crate – it’s really cozy and warm and I like having my own little safe spot with lots of warm blankets. I am working on “lay down” and “off”. I have mastered “sit,” “down (no jumping)” and “drop it.” I also know to go in my crate when my foster mom says “kennel.” I love to chew up tennis balls! My foster mom says I’m supposed to go get them and bring them back to her, but I just want to get all that green fluff off. I am still working on my depth perception and love to jump on and off furniture, so I’m very entertaining to have around! I love praise and treats. My foster mom and dad give me lots of love when I go potty outside and haven’t even had to use any treats.

I am a little spitfire, but I’m also extremely sweet and cuddly. I really like making my humans happy and love almost everything! I would love a family with other dogs to help me learn good doggy behavior and have someone to snuggle with when my humans are gone. I would want a family who likes to be around me, because I want to be around you!

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