Female - 5 months old

My name is Aspen, and I am such a happy go lucky pup, so I am constantly wagging my tail!

You think you hate the recent cold weather, well so do I. I am learning that the quicker I go potty outside the faster I can go back into the house. I am still learning that the kennel is an okay place to spend the day while my foster humans are at work. I get a little sassy when I am first put into the kennel at bedtime, but settle down pretty quickly with my Kong and peanut butter.

I am a typical puppy who likes to chew on things, but according to my foster mom I am hands down the best re-directed puppy she’s ever fostered. I am also very smart and treat motivated so I was able to master “sit” and “come” in one day! I am now working on “down” and “shake” which are a little trickier.

I absolutely love my foster human sister! I follow the resident cat around (to his dismay) while I wait for her to wake up in the morning. My favorite thing to do is to sit with my human sister while she watches TV after school. I also live with a senior foster dog. I wish he’d like to play more, but I don't push him too much. He is helping me get more comfortable with my new surroundings and all of the loud sounds outside. If I see a dog while out and about, I perk up and my tail starts wagging like crazy – I love other animals so much!

I am still learning lots of things about life and need a family who is willing to patiently teach me. I have so much love to give – could that family be you?

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