Female - 10 years old

Elegant older lady seeking someone to share couch snuggles with.

This year has been a whirlwind of change for me.  After 10 years in a home with a family, I find myself looking for a new place to live. Here’s my story:

Back in my hay-day, I was the pick of the litter! When my dog mom (Carmen, a red pittie lady) and dad (Cujo, a brindle pittie man) had their litter, I was the little blonde one our human dad chose to keep. I lived with them for the last 10 years, but this spring, a tragedy hit our family. Our human dad passed away. Three weeks later, my dog dad passed away, too. Really awesome and supportive family and friends cared for my dog mom and me through that hard time. We miss all of our people so, so much, but we are happy that Save-a-Bull took us in so we could find a home that can give us the time and attention we need and deserve.

A little about me:

I am eager to learn and want nothing but to please my foster family!

I just celebrated my 11th birthday on September 1, and my foster family made sure it was extra special (as they do every day)!

Naps are my favorite activity; I just love snuggling up. I might take a little time to warm up to new people, but when I do, I am the sweetest lady you will ever meet and will happily cuddle by your side. Right now, laying my head on my foster dad’s lap is the best part of my day!

I am a brilliant girl and am wonderful at basic commands! I’ve got 10 years of life experience under my belt, you’ll be surprised at what an easy dog I am to live with 🙂 . I know how to sit nicely, of course, I’m potty trained (one of the best perks of adopting an older lady like myself!) and although I don’t love it, I will go to my kennel and sleep there when I need to. I’d much prefer to sleep on the big soft couch, or on your bed.

I’m most comfortable with older kids that understand the limits of my older body, but I don’t like cats or squirrels that come near my foster home!

At this point in my life, I’m really just looking for someone to love me. We could take naps all day together on the biggest comfiest couch, curl up and read a book or watch TV, and just share some quiet time together. And maybe short breaks in your nearby garden would also be great.

Pearl is sponsored by
Sarah M. and Jewell Z.
in memory of Terry Vanlith (Pearl's owner) and Cujo (Pearl's dad)


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