Male – 4 months old

My best physical feature would have to be my big floppy ears and my awesome baby cow spots.

When I’m super excited I play bow and tippy tap my front feet. I also run like a deer, I’m either prancing or hopping around. I have a weird little "cherry eye," but that's an easy fix and will be taken care of when I get neutered.

Foster mom isn’t confident saying that I’m potty trained yet, but I have only had one accident in the house since I moved in with her. I also have never had an accident in my kennel. But I don’t know how to ask to go outside yet. If you gotta go you gotta go right? Foster mom usually catches me before I potty in the house. I can make it a whole 8 hours through the night though!

I do not like my kennel right now. Foster mom is showing me it can be a safe space though and sometimes I like to take my naps in there when she’s home and leaves the door open for me.

At night I sleep in bed with foster mom and sister, it’s the best. With enough time though I’m sure I could learn to sleep in my kennel or on my own bed. I just really love snuggles.

So far I only know how to sit. But I'm sure I will master this whole "obedience" thing no problem, I’m a quick learner.

I think training classes could be so much fun! I get kind of shy around new people and dogs, so I think training classes could really break me out of my shell.

I'm really nice with kids, I’ve met a 4 year old a couple times and didn’t even try to jump up on her.

And I live with 2 cats and just totally I ignore them most of the time, they are crabby.

But my dog foster sister is great! She's an 8 year old 75 pound pit bull. At first I wasn’t sure she would like me, but once we got to know each other she became my best friend. She’s showing me what’s okay to do when playing and what’s not. I’m a more submissive player and I let her show me how it’s done.

I love to wrestle and go on walks with her.

I’m the best dog in the whole world because I’m a cute little guy that wants nothing more then to make you laugh, go on walks with you, and snuggle on the couch for some cuddle time.

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