Male – 4 months old

Hi, I’m Quill! As a newbie to rescue, I took part in a little interview so that you could learn more about me. Here we go:

Q: What are your best physical characteristics?
A: My coloring and my snuggly face – I am mostly black with the best speckled accents you have ever seen! I also love to get my face snuggled. My foster mom always says some Eskimo kisses are a great way to start the day!

Q: Give us some interesting/goofy personality traits.
A: I think I was a horticulturist in another life because I literally love to stop and smell the roses, but really any flower will do! They are so pretty and smell good- sometimes they look good enough to eat, but I am never allowed to. No fun!

Q: Do you have an interesting back story/history?
A: I came up from Alabama with my brothers and sisters, it was a long drive, but I think I was born to be a Minnesotan

Q: Are you potty trained?
A: I never ever have accidents in my kennel, but I am still working on potty training when I am outside of it. But I have started figuring out that if I stand by the door my people will bring me outside, so I think I will get the hang of it real soon.

Q: Are you kennel/crate trained?
A: Yes, my people both seem to work forever during the day so I stay in my kennel when they are gone and at night. If you want me to snuggle in bed with you though- count me in! I do cry a little bit when you leave me (a good guilt trip is a powerful tool ) , but I like to listen to music so as long as the tunes are on, I quiet down really fast.

Q: Where do you sleep at night?
A: My kennel, I go down well, and some nights I don’t wake up until you come get me! When I am first adjusting to a new place I cry a little, but most of the time I am silent.

Q: What tricks/obedience are you currently working on?
A: Well with my passion for flowers, and sticks, and grass I am learning “leave it” and “drop it” my people are really impressed with how fast I pick up on stuff. I am also learning “off” (because sometimes I really wanna kiss your face) and “sit” so I can be a proper gentleman. My people say I am super smart and a quick study, whatever that means.

Q: What tricks/obedience have you mastered?
A: I have only been practicing a few days so I wouldn’t say I have mastered any, but it is only a matter of time and I will be the best puppers you have ever seen!

Q: Have you met or lived with children?  What ages?  How do you act around them?
A: I have not lived with any kids, but I love them! I could sit and watch the neighbor kids all day if you let me! I love their energy it is so interesting to see what they will do next! The few kids I did meet I was very respectful of. My humans have a whole boatload of nieces and nephews so I am going to have lots of experience in the near future!

Q: Have you met or lived with cats (or other small animals other than dogs)?  How do you act around them?
I have not met any cats, but I think I will be fine with them. I may try to play a little, but they will be my friends.

Q: Do you live with any other dogs?  If yes, what are the general sizes, genders, breeds, etc. of the other dogs?
My foster sister is a 4 year old Staffy/Pit mix, and I love her! She is kind of a killjoy and doesn’t really want to play with me, but I still love her. I especially like the shiny things that live on her collar, I just want to chase those things all day. I do great meeting other dogs, right off the bat. I have a feeling I will like to wrestle when I find a worthy friend, but it is all in fun!

Q: Are you more submissive or dominant around other dogs/animals?
I think with bigger dogs I am more submissive and with smaller dogs I may be more dominant. I don’t seem to be sway strongly either way as long as they want to play I am happy.  

Q: When/if you do play or interact with other dogs/animals, what are your favorite activities?  (Ex. Walks, tug-o-war, cuddling, etc.)
I love me some walks! My people say I am a great walker, especially for a puppy, I do like to get a bit distracted with flowers, and crinkle leaves, but for the most part I want to keep up with my people and my foster sister. I am still figuring out toys, so I need more time to figure out my favorites, but I do like to wrestle.

Q: Why are you the very best dog in the whole world?
I am the very best dog because I am a fast learner and I am loving and respectful of my humans. My foster mom says I am a clam soul with the heart of an adventurer- I am pretty chill, but I love to be busy!

Q: Give us a description of your dream forever family.
I just want someone, or lots of someones – no matter the size, to love me and take me for adventures. I love being outside and playing! It would be so nice to have a fence- then I can just sit and enjoy the sun in my fur all day. But I also want some time with my people and get my snuggle on. I would be fine with another dog or by myself. As long as I get attention from someone I will be a happy pup!

Q: What would your dream day consist of?
Get up, go for a walk, come home, follow you around a bit, play time or snuggle, then repeat! I really love snuggles before bedtime though!


And now a note from my foster parents (I’ve got them loving me already!)

"Quill is such a wonderful puppy, he has such a loving soul and really wants to please his humans. He is really relaxed but busy- he just wants to be with others and taking part or observing everything that is going on. He really loves getting his neck scratched and what I call smooshy face- which is basically getting lovies on his face or giving you lovies on your face. He is here to love and be loved. He will be a great addition to any family!"

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