Female – 1 years old

Hi – I’m Jello and I’m starting to come out of my mold with my foster family (get it – Jello…mold haha!) I really enjoy my chew toys and sometimes even watch the TV while chewing!  Animal Planet is so cool!  You know what else is fun – ICE CUBES!  I like to take them and bat them around and watch them spin on the floor. Then I CRUNCH them!  I also really like to take my naps while sitting by my foster mom on the couch while she works.  Then I get super comfy I let out a nice big loud sigh! AAAAHHHH!

There are two other pets here besides me. One is a cat – I like to watch her.  Sometimes she meows at me but really I am only looking at her!  I think she is just a little bossy!  The other guy is a pitbull mix. I like to go up to him sometimes and surprise him by licking his face and trying to get him to wrestle with me. I am a great wrestler but maybe the other guy is just letting me win since he is older and taller?? After 5-10 minutes I am ready again for a nap!  We also go on walks together but my little legs sometimes can't keep up!  I have to stop every so often to take a break and sniff the grass!  I have seen rabbits, squirrels and even some ducks!  They are probably too fast for me to catch so I will sometimes sit and wait for them to run off, otherwise I just keep walking along.  I might pull a little bit but we are working on that.

I enjoy my kennel and don't make a fuss if you need me to go in.  I sleep in my kennel at night and I am very quiet!  I am working on my sit, down and wait commands.  I do pretty well at sit and down, but waiting can be so hard, although I am getting there!  To help me learn to wait, I practice sitting or laying down by the other dog and we take turns getting treats!  Treats are awesome!  I’m also learning that when someone says “paws” I should get all 4 paws back on the ground.  

I think I would be great for someone who wants someone to watch TV and go for short walks around the neighborhood.  I don't mind if you have other pets but make sure you have some room for me on your favorite chair!  There should always be room for Jello!!


Adoption Fee: $300 (includes sales tax)
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Jello  Jello  Jello  Jello  Jello  Jello  Jello  Jello  

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