Male - 1 years old

Hi everyone!

My name is Bob, full name Robert George Dogswallop. Pretty cool name huh?? You might have heard of me through my Instagram fame @adopt_bob. I’ve been living in rescue for over six months. You’re probably wondering why I’ve been rescue for so long but haven’t been available for adoption? Well I can tell you, I’m a survivor! Shortly after I came up on transport from Texas I was diagnosed with heart worm. I’ve been going through treatment ever since. I overcame this sickness, fought back against kennel rest (#kennelrestsucks), and here I am, ready for adoption. My adoption will be unique in that I still have another test to take in June to ensure my worms are fully gone so until then, my future family can foster me until I'm ready!

I’m looking for a home that will love me endlessly. I love being the center of attention. I’m playful and lazy all in one. I enjoy cuddling with my people and my foster siblings. I’m good with dogs, I make friends easily. I’m still learning some new dog language tricks, but I pick up on things quick. I’ve met a cat before, I was interested, but appropriate. I’d potentially be okay living with cats, but I’d want to meet them first.

I've also met small humans and like them! I'm a bit of a bull so sometimes I accidentally knock them over but I don't mean to! Given all my time on kennel rest over the last year, the kennel isn’t my favorite place, so I take a mild anxiety medication to help me with some of my kennel insecurities. What can I say, I like being on the couch when you’re home! When my people are away I do spend time in my kennel and do well, but I get bored so I enjoy tough chews and frozen snacks.

Note from Bob's foster(s):
Bob is dog social with interested energy up front, but he settles into new situations well.  He recalls way, he enjoys walks, and he likes working for your attention. He learns quickly but benefits best from someone giving him guidance and love. Bob would do well in all variety of homes, he’s an easy and loving friend. Could Bob be your new best friend! To learn more about Bob and see more of his fun adventures, check out @adopt_bob on Instagram!

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