Male – 10 months old

Hi, I'm Derby. That's Derby with a 'b' not "derpy," although foster mom says they just might be one in the same.

No one really know my back story; like how did an exceptionally nice boy like me end up in a shelter in Texas, where some nice rescue folks saved me and transferred me up here to Minnesota to find my forever family. I don't have a lot of "learned" skills, but I'm sweet, loving, submissive and friendly to everyone – including feisty little dogs, bossy big dogs and humans of all ages.

Foster mom is currently teaching me how to sit for treats and it's coming along really well! As soon as I figured out that I get something tasty in exchange for doing what I'm asked, I'm more than happy to do it over and over. And I just learned how to navigate a full flight of stairs: going up is pretty easy, coming down is a different story and usually involves me throwing myself down on my belly, feet flying everywhere (Warning: not for the faint of heart!).

I'm a pretty decent leash walker, and like to lollygag around and smell stuff rather than get to any destination on time. I like to call it a "leisurely pace" – who needs to be in such a hurry?

I'm close to a year old, but still have lots of puppy-fun in me! Bonus is that I come potty trained and crate trained so I'm super easy to live with. I could use a little help learning how to curb those puppy tendencies ie. no counter surfing, no shoe-chewing, no play nibbling on the hands and feet (dang, all the fun stuff). Clearly no one has ever put the time in to help me with these things and it's sad, because with the tiniest bit of effort I'm going to be that amazing do anything, go anywhere kind of dog you've always wanted.

And: have you noticed my amazing spots? Seriously, I have them everywhere and I think it's very possible that I have some Dalmatian in me. I'm tall, long-legged and both graceful and clumsy at the same time. And when I look at you with my big, soulful eyes, you're going to melt. Guaranteed.

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