Female – 2 years old

I’m Zadie! I hope you are as excited to pet my soft, silky, tulip ears as I am to share them with you! My foster mom says that my old family wasn’t able to care for me the way a special girl like me deserves so I had to go to a loud scary place for a month (a shelter, yike!) before my foster family came to get me. Not only was it really hard being there, I was also separated from my bestie who I really miss. Sometimes I make the cutest little whimpering sounds for a few minutes as I’m falling asleep dreaming about her. Thankfully my foster parents share their bed with me at night which helps reassure me that I am still so loved and that things will only get better.

My foster home has two smaller resident dogs to play with, a Boston Terrier and a Pug, one of them is sort of a grump, but I’m not naming names. I do pretty well at leaving the grumpy one alone when she tells me to and I am super good at listening to reminders (which rarely happen because I’m such a good girl). I would love to find a home with another friend to play with but it isn’t a deal breaker as long as YOU have enough love to share with me.

I haven’t had a chance to meet a cat yet, however, I am staying with a litter of 10 year old humans and they also think I’m pretty special. In fact, I hear them fighting with each other over who gets to gets to sit and cuddle with me. I am so excited they are now home for the summer so I have extra friends to play tennis ball with.

By the way, I love playing with my tennis ball and I love to get exercise in the backyard now that I am freeeeee! I love bouncing and zipping around the yard to get my energy out but I am also a good napper and don’t mind going in my crate if you’d like me to. I promise I won't fuss about it at all. I am not a big chewer so you don’t have to worry about losing any of your important people-y things either. Just give me an antler or a bone and I will quietly chew on that!

My foster mom says that another wonderful thing about me is that I already know how to use the bathroom outside and I am such a good listener. Also, not to be a total bragger but, I also know my basic commands and I love to shake paws. I am also SOOO very gentle if you share a treat with me. I am told that I am the most well-mannered treat taker they have ever met!  Who knew people would be so impressed by things that come so easy to me.

I know what you might be thinking; I’m a solid, muscular girl (I’ll even admit I have thick thighs) but I am the BIGGEST, mushy, baby sweetheart you’ll ever meet. If you invite me up or even give me ‘a look,’ I really have no shame trying to crawl up into your lap like a little dog. I have so much love to give and am ready to settle in with my forever and ever family. Do you think that could be you?

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Zadie  Zadie  Zadie  Zadie  

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