Male – 1 years old

Hello, my name is Abe. I have patches over both my eyes and the cutest little sausage tail you’ve ever seen. You have to meet me because there is no way you won’t fall in love with my tail. I’m a little clumsy. I like to jump off the bottom steps of the deck to the ground and sometimes I miss.

So, here are the basics: I’m an adult so I’m potty trained and kennel trained and don’t cause any trouble in those areas (like a stinky little puppy would!) I complain about being kenneled when you’re home, I’d rather be out and about with you, but I’m great when you have to leave for the day. I can sleep in my kennel at night like a champ, or I can cuddle in bed with you – guess which I prefer?  I’m a good cuddler.

I’m working on all kinds of tricks and skills, but honestly, I’d much rather play than learn.  I’m pretty good at sit, but only if you have treats. And shake. My foster kids love making me shake, and I humor them. I’d really benefit from some training classes and lots of practice and I promise to work really hard for treats – Did someone say ‘treats?’ Oh wait, that was me. I really like treats.

I live with two good kids, they’re 13 and 14 and we get along great!  I love being outside after school with them. I will cuddle with them when I am tired (but being tired doesn’t happen very often). I also live with two grumpy lady dogs here. They don’t want to play with me, something about me having “too much energy,” they’re so lazy! And I met some kitties at the vet, but they aren’t very interesting, they just lounge around pretentiously. I want something I can play with – no one seems to have the energy I do to play, play, play…bummer, cuz I really want to play.

I would love a family with kids that are a little bit older that can play with me and talk me for walks. I like the idea of walks or runs but I still pull on the leash too much. My foster family says we need to work on that. I am trying. I’d be happy with a car ride, too, I get really excited about that. We’d have to stop for a pup cup though. As far as toys goes, I rather run around than play with toys, but I do love a peanut butter filled Kong when it’s time for the kennel when my humans leave.

Want to know what makes my body wiggle and my tail wag harder than anything? Humans. And playtime. Human playtime is the best. You should really come and meet me and we can make all kinds of plans for walks, and play time, and snuggles, and play time, and some treats and more play time…it’ll be so awesome!


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Abe  Abe  Abe  Abe  Abe  Abe  

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