Male – 1 years old

Hi, I'm JJ!

Physically I am an extremely handsome baby hippo-pig with a big ol' block head and the most beautiful auburn colored fur. My Foster Mom wishes her hair was as vibrant as my coat! I have big, grounded, amber-colored eyes with which I will lovingly gaze upon you constantly.

My Foster Family calls me Noodle-Moose because I am super wiggly, completely unaware of how dense my body is (I weigh 57 pounds!), and completely unaware of where my body is in space. I charge through anything, and over everything, to get as much of my body touching yours as possible! I'm also extremely empathetic and affectionate. I've been dubbed a great Emotional Support Moose (EMS). I follow my Foster Mom from room to room to room to be sure she doesn't need anything from me. She says I'm so thoughtful to be considering her needs like that.

I’m totally potty trained, although I need refreshers on the rules when I go through a transition. I would prefer not to be crated if it is possible, but I am working on it. I get crated for 1-3 hours a day, but I really like being by my people or on the couch. At night I’m glued to my Foster Parents' sides in their bed!

I'm great at Sit! And I am working on Down, Roll Over, and OFF. And I'm also VERY good at Wait. I have to wait for my food, and I am such a patient puppy for it. I was just told by my Foster Mom that I get to start Level 1 Obedience at Canine Coach mid-May and I'm so excited!!! I should be pretty good at it since I love praise and treats more than oxygen.

I have lived with children of many different ages in my previous home, and in my current Foster Home I live with a spunky 3 year old. I absolutely adore her and I am very patient with her as she learns boundaries. I'm gentle and affectionate when we have dedicated attention, but sometimes I get really excited and forget how big I am in comparison to her!

My Foster Brother is a 12-year-old lab/spaniel mix (40#). He is an awkward, grumpy dog and sometimes we play together (I love to be chased!!!!), but he also likes to bark at me a lot. He's old and I'm a young whippersnapper, so maybe he's just yelling at me to get off of his lawn. I'd be happy as an only dog because I get jealous having to share attention, but I also would be happy in a home with an equally  playful, and understanding dog.

I play-bow all the time, but I play with my whole body! I'd say I'm more submissive, but I get excited and really interested in potential buddies, so sometimes I need to have a Time Out if I can't read the signals. I also get a little nervous on-leash because Walkies are new to me. I LOVE Walkies, and I like having guidance to build my confidence when I see other dogs I can't smell.

I have not been tested with cats or other small domestic animals, but I am really, really, really interested in chasing squirrels…
My empathetic nature is truly remarkable. If you're not feeling well, I will self-appoint myself to be your Emotional Support Moose and stick by your side until you feel better. I want a Family who will love me as much as I love them, include me in lots of things, and engage with me each day!

If I were a movie character I’d be Pumba from The Lion King. I'm a sensitive soul, though I seem thick-skinned, and I am eternally optimistic. Hakuna Matata!

My favorite toys are the Starmark Pickle Pocket and a tough-stuff flamingo! I'm not totally destructive with toys, and I like to hear them squeak!

My dream day would consist of being anywhere my people are. A nice long walk in the morning and a puzzle toy for breakfast. Then playing chase or Fetch in the yard, followed by allllll the cuddles with my people. I enjoy walks before dinner, and another great game of chase or fetch before we all go inside and have a big cuddle puddle for bed!
I have such a tender soul inside this dense body! I am always grateful for attention and will return the favor with a thousand sweet kisses and snuggles. I can’t wait to meet you and show you my big, wonderful personality.

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