Male – 6 months old

Hi, I’m Jasper, and you’re going to fall in love with my big floppy paws and my sweet eyes! I love to snuggle and be next to you All, THE, TIME – I love people! But I’m also very good at entertaining myself; I love to toss around toys and then catch them!

At night I sleep in my kennel. I cry for a little bit because I want to sleep with my foster family, but I eventually go to sleep.  I’ve only ever had a few accidents in my kennel (and foster mom says it was her fault, not mine) and my potty training is coming along very well, if I do say so myself!

I do know my name and I love working for treats! I'm working on "drop it" and on backing up and giving people space when they are doing something. And I know "sit" like its my JOB! Of course I’ve completely mastered being cute on command 🙂

My foster brother is a cat. I want to play with him and sometimes we play chase, but I try to be respectful and leave him alone when he makes those hissing noises. I also have two dog foster sisters (med and large sizes) and I like to snuggle up with them when it’s nap time. I am still learning about how to play respectfully with my medium size foster sister, apparently I”m sorta “big and clumsy” is that not a GOOD thing?!?

I love snuggling, being held, playing fetch with toys, playing with other dogs with toys, and following you around the house. I like going to local breweries and I enjoy socializing with the neighbors and their dogs.

My dream family would be someone who would take me to play outside and with some doggie friends, then take a good afternoon nap with me on the couch. Also, help me learn my manners and FOR SURE someone who loves to be around me, because I love to be around my humans!

Bottom line is that I’m a super sweet boy, and very eager to please and give kisses. Come meet me and I’ll show you!

Adoption Fee: $300 (includes sales tax)
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Jasper  Jasper  Jasper  Jasper  Jasper  Jasper  

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