Male - 1 years old

Hi, I’m Jasper, and you’re going to fall in love with my big floppy paws and my sweet eyes! I love to snuggle and be next to you All, THE, TIME - I love people! But I’m also very good at entertaining myself; I love to toss around toys and then catch them.

I know lots of basic commands: Sit, Down, Kennel, and Off, and I love working for treats! I'm working on "Drop It" and on backing up and giving people space when they are doing something.

My foster brother is a cat. I want to play with him and sometimes we play chase, but I try to be respectful and leave him alone when he makes those hissing noises. I also have two dog foster sisters (med and large sizes) and I like to snuggle up with them when it’s nap time. I like to play with them and all dogs; I'm a little rough-and-tumble, and more than a little clumsy.  I have also met a few babies, and I'm actually very sweet and gentle around them.

I love snuggling, being held, playing fetch with toys, playing with toys, and following you around the house. I enjoy socializing with the neighbors and their dogs and I love to accompany my foster family to volleyball and kickball games, and to local breweries!

At night I sleep in my kennel. I'd love to sleep with you, but I'll go with the flow and I'm happy anywhere. If I need to go potty, I'll tell you by either ringing my bell or barking.

My dream family would be someone who would take me to play outside and with some doggie friends, then take a good afternoon nap with me on the couch. And FOR SURE someone who loves to be around me more than anything, because I sure love to be around my humans!

Bottom line is that I’m a super sweet boy, and very eager to please and give kisses. Come meet me and I’ll show you!

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