Female – 1 years old

Hello new friend! My name is Glory, AKA McLovin, Little Princess, Little Lady, Girly Girl, or Glory Girl! My mom says I may be the most beautiful smiley, amber-eyed, strawberry blonde you’ve ever seen! I’m a happy girl with the cutest little sashay you’ve ever seen a dog do! Mom says I prance around like a little ballerina and I’m a born athlete. I love to play, especially with my two bully breed foster brothers. We could play tug of war or tag in the yard for hours! I like to remind them that if they could run like a girl, maybe they’d be able to keep up with me!
I’m a pretty special lady, so let me tell you about my talents! I’m potty trained and hang out at the back door if I need to go potty before you’re ready to let me out. I happily go in my kennel when mom goes to work, and I’m quiet and well-behaved while I’m in there. I am really happy when you come home though, and I will wait until you’re in the house to sing you my welcome song. I know basic commands like sit, leave it, and coming when called. I walk like a lady on the leash with a basic harness, I am not much for pulling! I am a good traveler and sit quietly in the back of my mom’s car when we are on the go. I also enjoy grooming time (aka SPA DAY) and I'm very good about getting a pawdicure.
I am originally a southern belle who was found as a stray when I was about 6 or 7 months old. Some nice people brought me to a shelter where I was taken care of until I came to Minnesota. They were so nice and gave me so much food! I LOVE food! Before I came to live with my foster mom and foster brothers, I had never been in a house before or learned about things that normal house dogs do. It was a little stressful at first, but I’m a very smart girl and I picked up on the routine really quickly! Mom is still helping me learn about my new life, and I’m starting to find it really fun instead of stressful. I like new people, especially when they give me nice pets and cookies. I also like new dogs, but sometimes I get a little over excited because I just want to play with everyone so badly. My intentions are good, but sometimes I need help remembering my manners! If we aren’t on an adventure I’m happy to play with my toys or chews and entertain myself. But if you’re willing to pet me and let me snuggle up to you? Well, then there goes our night. I will give you all my lovin’s and kisses for as long as you’ll let me! Currently I sleep on the bed with my mom and foster brothers, or in a dog bed next to her bed. I’m a good sport about sleeping through the night, and if I’m really tired I have quiet, delicate lady snores.
My ideal family would be patient and help me continue learning about my new environment and how to fit into your home. I really want to make you happy and for you to love me! You would be at least somewhat active and like to include me in a lot of their adventures, and I'd love to have another dog to be my friend and help me with my confidence. I am a good girl in my kennel and like my kennel time, but I do love my people and want to be with them if I can. If you have a comfy bed and lots of treats, I’ll love you forever!

*Glory takes medication to help her deal with general anxiety. She will need to stay on her treatment after adoption.

Special Needs
Adoption Fee: $300 (includes sales tax)
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