Female – 5 months old

I’m Asteria! I have the cutest ear perches ever. I won’t ever let my foster mom get a picture of my ears up in the air, so you’ll just have to see for yourself. I am incredibly photogenic and tilt my head just-so. Basically everyone that has seen my picture tells me I’m cute.

My favorite toy, despite having ten other toys at my disposal, is any sort of plastic water bottle. I leap on them and just can’t seem to catch them, but I keep trying til I can grab them in my mouth!

I absolutely love when people come home. I really REALLY want to play with everyone when they walk into the door so I do jump up. My fosters tell me it is not polite so I’m learning to stay down.

I am a professional at “sit”.  I am working on “leave it”, “no bite” (play biting is bad I guess), “heal” when walking, “come” when called, “down” when jumping, and also learning how to “give” when playing with toys. There is so much to learn as a puppy! But I’m pretty smart and I’m learning everything I need to be a really great family member.

I like to think I am potty trained, but I could use some more training. I love to eat my meals in my kennel. At night, I sleep in my kennel but I kind of protest because I just want to be with my people. My foster mom and dad tell me to go to bed and I listen.

My human foster sister and brother are 5 and 7. I get a little hyped when they come home. They tell me “Down” a lot, but I calm down after a little while and snuggle them on the couch. I have two small foster dog siblings and we play together really well! My previous owner had a cat, which I liked to chase, so I do need to learn that isn’t appropriate – it’s weird, cat’s don’t like to be chased!

I would really love to be adopted into a family that would train me to be the best companion I can be. I would kiss and love my family all day everyday if possible. I would really love to have a dog brother or sister to help teach me the ropes.

I really want to meet you, go on walks with you, play in the yard with you, and snuggle on the couch with you…and totally love you forever.

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