Female - 1 years old

My formal name is Mittens, but I am called all sorts of other things like Sweetie, Baby Girl and BB.  I really wish I could be called Princess, but there is someone else in this house using that nickname.  She is an old, lady cat.  Sometimes I like to follow her around but if she puts up a fuss, I leave her alone.  I will also leave her alone if asked.  I don’t know what makes her a princess because she can’t sit or come when called like me!  I also am working on look, leave it, and stay.   I know to potty outside and to go into my kennel without a fuss.

Instead of being a princess, my foster parents say I’m something called “skeptical.” It might take me a little while to warm up to a new person, but once I do you will see that I am a pretty silly and am actually darn loveable!

I really enjoy going out for walks.  I’m learning how to be patient and sit nicely before going out the door.  I like to see the squirrels and rabbits – they look like they would be such fun to play with!  They are fast but I bet I could catch them if only someone would let me!  My foster’s are working on helping me understand that a princess should just watch, and not try to chase after them – I am making good progress!

I also like to play and wrestle with the other dog in the house.  He outweighs me by about 20 lbs., but I can hold my own!  I would play all the time with him if I could but sometimes he wants to do other stuff like sleep or eat.  I do my best to just find something else to do.  My foster’s say they don’t think I realize I am a pretty, dainty girl!

At night I enjoy some cuddle time on the couch before I go into my kennel to sleep.

I know I might have to kiss a few toads before I can find my royal family.  But I really hope to find them and get my forever castle soon!


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