Male – 6 months old

Luck of the Irish here! You probably noticed that I’m a special needs pup. I was born with serious scoliosis and spinal fluid leaking from my spine. This caused a spinal cyst that compressed my spinal cord. I had surgery to remove the cyst and the pressure on my spine, but nerve damage was already done. In spite of that, my prognosis for a happy life is good, so I keep moving forward! After surgery, I graduated from physical therapy and have ongoing PT exercises that I need to do daily in order to stay strong. I’m so lucky that I ended up with Save-a-Bull and had the opportunity to thrive.

I have a real lust for life and show my excitement every chance I get. I have a wheelchair that I use outside and while out and about in the community. Going for walks and meeting new friends is always exciting. I love Home Depot and mall-walking adventures in the winter, and I’m excited for patio season in the summer.

I literally love everyone – people and pets. I have three foster dog sibling of all different sizes and a cat friend, too. I play tug with the Great Dane in the house and when we’re outside I love to chase him in my wheelchair.

I really like to thump my wheelchair on the ground and crash into everything, so in the house I only use it to eat my meals and for short play breaks. Otherwise, I get around the house by crawling around on my belly. I’m an expert at army crawling where I need to go and my favorite pass-time is lounging with my chew toys.

Of course, life with me has it’s challenges and quirks; let’s talk about those:

I am not kennel trained. Getting in and out of a kennel is a challenge, so when foster parents aren’t home, I hang out in the kitchen with the doors closed. I spend the day sleeping in my dog bed with my favorite toys.

When I meet new people I tend to “happy pee”…embarrassing, I know. I can hold it for multiple hours, but as soon as foster parents come home, I’m so excited that I just can’t help it. Since I can’t walk, foster parents take me outside multiple times a day to go potty, which I can do on command.

Now, here’s the scoop on poop. When I’m home alone, I don’t poop in my space. But when I have to GO, I will only give my foster parents about three seconds notice. I kick my back legs around and really hope that someone acts fast! Honestly, we typically only make it outside about 50% of the time for poops. I do need to be held up so that I can poop standing vs. laying on my side.

I wear a belly band while my family is away so that they can control the pee when they get home. I don’t wear it when they are home so that my belly skin doesn’t get irritated. We have discovered that baby powder works amazing to keep my privates smooth, smelling good, and preventing infections.

Despite my physical limitations, I have a huge heart and lots of love to give. I’ve overcome the impossible to even be here, and am looking forward to a life of joy and love with the right family. It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it!


There are some special requirements if you would like to meet Irish:

*Experience with disabled and/or wheelchair dogs

*An understanding that extreme patience will be needed

*Ability to lift 50-60 pounds multiple times on a daily basis

*Limited stairs

*Financial means to continue physical therapy or medical issues as they occur

*Multiple meets will be required to determine correct placement


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Special Needs
Adoption Fee: $300 (includes sales tax)
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