Female – 1 years old

Hi, my name is Angela! I’m a sweet southern belle from Alabama who travelled to Minnesota in hopes of finding my forever family. I have adorable floppy ears and a soft dark brown coat. I’m a silly girl and I love to run and bounce around like a baby goat.

I’m learning a TON in my foster home. I’m doing great at potty training – however, I’m not a fan of this cold and rainy weather. Foster dad says I need to toughen up before winter comes. I love my kennel and don’t mind hanging out in there when my humans leave the house. So far, I have mastered how to sit and come when my name is called. I haven’t taken any training classes before, but I would love to go with my forever family! I’m always up for a challenge.

I love meeting new people and making new friends. I’m very sweet and super friendly. I haven’t met any tiny humans or cats yet, but I think I would love them. I currently have three foster siblings – two sisters and one brother. My foster sisters are SUPER big, however that doesn’t stop me from trying to play with them. My foster brother is a tiny little guy… In fact, I’m already bigger than he is!

My dream forever family is one that will love and play with me. I like to play to play with my toys, especially with my stuffed bear. I would love if my forever family gave me a fur sibling and a big backyard to run and play in! Also snuggling is required. I could snuggle with my humans for hours – it’s my favorite place to be.

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